We are a marketing and concert management company, dedicated to bringing out new talent from every corner of the world. We have come up with this platform, keeping in mind your customized entertainment needs. A chance to enter the world of glitz and glam in an exciting way. BMC Live Entertainment, LLC, as an Internet-based company, allows budding artists to have a promising platform to assist them in gaining viral exposure. This snap of your finger technique helps you connect with the whole world that is waiting to come from you. The idea is to bring entertainment to you in your very own way. We introduce to you a whole new era of entertainment through four of our platforms; BMC Live TV, BMC Live Radio, BMC Magazine, and BMC Live the Music Show. These platforms are brands that are designed to give you the best of the music and entertainment world through different channels.


SILVER Package

$ 1500

Gold Package

$ 2300

Platinum Package

$ 5000

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