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Who We Are? We are a marketing and event management company focusing mainly on organizing and arranging concerts. Our aim is to provide you the best possible experience; whether you’re an artist awaiting your biggest performance, or a fan ready to cheer your favorite artist in a concert.

What We Do? We arrange, organize and market concerts for young artists like you. Our primary focus is to bring forth talent from the grass roots and propel it to fame with all glory. We prepare the stage for your future success in the music industry by making effective use of technology. BMC Live Entertainment integrates user friendly mobile applications with details of your event to coagulate your presence in the industry. 

I want to solidify my presence in the music industry!

Not just this, we make travelling arrangements for your fans to reach the concert venue with ease and stream the concert across all our subsidiaries to maximize the participation of audience from around the world. Our subsidiaries include:


BMC Music Live: Where stars are born

BMC Music Live The Show is an online music show streamed and filmed live. The show features two hosts who actively interact with their fan base through the application. It showcases music videos submitted by local and international artists.

BMC Live Magazine: Which elevates your lifestyle

BMC Live Magazine is an online paparazzi featuring publications on health, travel, entertainment, technology and business.

BMC Live TV: Which broadcasts experiences

BMC Live TV is an online, subscription-based TV streaming network providing a high-quality visual experience to its users across various platforms.


BMC Live Radio: Where music listens to you

BMC Live Radio is an online music streaming service which allows users to stream their favorite music genres and artists. Besides streaming, the service also involves submitting music and voting for your favorite music artists.

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Where Stars Are Born...

BMC Music Live focuses on the undiscovered talent that exists in the fantastic and ever-evolving city of Philadelphia, PA, and the tri-state area. Its mission is to expose this talent to our vast and growing online community. BMC Music Live is filmed on location throughout the city of Philadelphia at various exclusive and prominent venues. It aims to spotlight the numerous thriving businesses within the city of Philadelphia. This production is brought to the subscriber in the format of a live show that features an interactive countdown, broadcast by our endearing and captivating host, Trinii.

This show focuses on artists with unique talent and brings their presentation to subscribers in an outstanding way. So, our subscribers can enjoy the best music entertainment, as well as explore the new trends and experiments in the underground and pop music industry.

BMC Music Live has brought new faces into limelight and given them an advantageous chance to be recognized in public and build a fantastic music portfolio. Moreover, it will continue to be a beacon of hope for young and new artists with promising dreams and talents.

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(This is crazy comedy experience) a trip through time with fashion and music


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